Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Boat Ride at Ngam Ngum Reservoir

Matt's work organized a little party at a huge reservoir north of the city. We stayed at the Long Ngum View Resort and spent the day on a boat. We ate lunch, swam, and then headed back. I love a good boat ride, so it was a good day. (Leading up to this I spent at least 8 solid hours scouring the city for life jackets small enough for my children... that part was not so fun. Days like those make me miss Wal-Mart and parking lots, which aren't even great things about America, right?)

The boys enjoyed their lifetime supply of Red 40 in their Mirinda soda...

Bobby got tuckered out.
And lest we enjoy the breeze and clear-ish water too much and forget we're in Laos, the dock will bring us right back... Safety is not really the main concern here.
And here's a molting, tail-less lizard on those rickety steps for good measure... ;)

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