Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

My original plan was to be Mario, Matt to be Luigi, and Scott to be Toad or a turtle or something, but I couldn't figure it out and overalls for Matt would have been $35, and he'd never wear them again, so when I saw this Yoda costume at the store, I had to have it. Then we figured out a way to make me Leia and Matt to be Darth Sidious/the Emperor.
The red light saber is actually for Matt's costume, but Scott liked it. And then right before we went to the ward party, we found this blue glow sword that was more Scott's size. It's supposed to be green, but what can ya do?
Scary Darth Sidious...
Leia and Yoda.
A half-hearted battle...
And our awesome pumpkins. I did Yoda and Matt did Darth Maul.
Happy Halloween!