Tuesday, November 4, 2008

48% Fat Free

Okay, so I often have random trains of thought and I had one the other day that I thought was kind of funny, so I'll share it.

1. I smell onions. Not surprising because we had roast on Sunday and the smell of the cut onion lingers for some time.

2. We still have one onion left because I want to add onion to a salad I'll be making to bring to dinner at some friends' house.

3. I should write that dinner on the calendar so we don't forget.

4. I wonder what we'll have for dinner tonight? Maybe we'll have that new soup we got from Costco.

5. It's Healthy Choice soup, so it's probably 96% fat free. But it's probably still good.

6. I wonder what percentage of the pepperoni I ate last night was fat free. It was probably more fat than not.

7. Wouldn't that be funny if that put that on the package? 48% Fat Free Pepperoni! They would be sure to sell a lot more with that.

8. What about stuff in the middle? Cheetos, 76% fat free. Snickers, 60% fat free. etc...

9. How did I start thinking about this?