Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scotty turns 3!

We started celebrating Scotty's birthday on Saturday morning.  We gave him a set of 8 Curious George books that are actually based on episodes of the show, so he recognized the stories, which was kind of fun.  Then we gave him some wooden jigsaw puzzles that were the absolute perfect difficulty for him!  That's always my concern about buying presents for kids, is that they are usually too old or too young to enjoy the gift.  But the puzzles were perfect.  He needed very little help and felt a great sense of accomplishment when he finished.  We went out for frozen yogurt, but Scott just wanted Oreo topping.  Oh well, everyone else liked it.  For some reason I have no pictures of this so far, but Scott got color changing monster trucks from Matt's parents and has already spent hours (literally) dipping them in cold and hot water over and over.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard him say, "I yuv me colors!" and "Me change colors!"  He really likes those cars.  Then all days on Sunday we gave him cars, cars, and more cars.  He got Darrell Cartrip, Brent Mustangburger, another Lightning McQueen (with Rusteze on the hood this time), Grem, and Acer from us and my mom and dad gave him Chick Hicks and The King.  The funniest thing about Scott is that he wants to put his cars back in the packaging and re-open them so he can give us a toy review.  He has watched several toy reviews on YouTube and now he wants to do it.  So he starts with, "Hey, YouTubers..." and then says he's going to open it and tells us that it's a diecast and what movie it's from, etc.  It's pretty cute (the first few times).  I asked Scott if he wanted cupcakes or cookies and he, like his father, wanted cookies.  So, I stuck three cookies together and put candles in the stack.  But he didn't want to eat cookies, he just wanted to open more presents.  He did, however, ask for a cookie after we turned the lights off at bedtime.  And we gave in.  What can we say?  He was still asleep by 8.  The second to last picture is Scott's attempt at putting up 3 fingers.  I'm sure he'll get better--he has a year to master it.  And Bobby wishes you farewell at the end.

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