Saturday, September 8, 2012


I didn't post anything about my anniversary this year. Scott puked 5 times on the morning of and that put a damper on our plans to go to the temple and dinner and try to catch the fireworks at the Braves game :(
The one upside to Scott's sickness is that he and Bobby slept at the same time for the first time in probably six months so I has some time to myself which was a nice reprieve from the vomit.
Matt did send me flowers in a box and they were beautiful and it helped with the disappointment of not going out. And we got take out from PF Changs so I didn't have to cook so that was a major plus.
The next weekend we went to Cinebistro. They have complimentary valet, amazing food, and comfy chairs, so we felt pampered while we ate salmon and steak and "cineful" chocolate cake. We saw Batman, which I had been wanting to see. Matt had seen it already, but he humored me. It did feel so much more like a celebration and our neighbor was so awesome to watch our boys! We always feel so at ease when she comes to babysit.
I love Matt and I am so glad we found each other and will be together forever. We still have a lot to learn, but I do feel loved and protected and provided for. I am a lucky woman. I also am so happy to be raising my boys with him. I love to see him with them. So often when he is playing with them, throwing them around or tickling them, chasing them or wrestling with them, I think, THIS is why kids need 2 parents and I am so grateful they do. We are truly blessed. Happy 6th anniversary. And many mooooore...

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Hannah Neville McMillan said...

awwwwww so sweet! I'm glad you guys did get to go out later, too. :)