Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt!

Thanks to all of our family members who helped make Matt's birthday a success! He received all of the books he was lacking from The Wheel of Time series. He was not surprised because one day I failed to get the mail and he started thinking... But he was very grateful and he says something about it every time he passes the bookshelf.

We had a "cookie cake" frosted with Nutella and M&Ms. It was a big hit. We also went back to Cinebistro and saw The Bourne Legacy, which was very enjoyable.

I do feel like we have reached a time in our lives when it is hard to feel special for your birthday all day or all weekend. Yesterday we were doing most of the celebrating, but Matt still had to mow the lawn and clean the fish tank and take a friend to the train station. So basically responsibility is no fun, but especially on your birthday. But I did my best.

Happy Birthday Matt! I'm glad you were born and that none of your dangerous antics as a small and not-so-small child were lethal. Thanks for being a great guy. Love you!


Becky Bean said...

You're awesome. Fun tidbit: Brandon Sanderson was a master student who taught my freshman English class at BYU. So, I'm pretty much famous.

I've been thinking about you and wish you would call me again because it is so fun to hear you laugh. ...I would call you but I always forget to save your number.

Oh gosh, now it sounds like I'm asking you out or something. :)

Stuart and Nicole Tucker said...

I'm so glad his birthday went well!! You're a wonderful wife (well, I'm pretty sure your a wonderful wife although I can't speak first hand...but I do know you're a wonderful sister!). I love our chats, lets have another one soon:)

Cami said...

So... I don't understand the 11111=31 on the cake? Happy Birthday anyway! :)

Troy said...

Nice binary Becky, I'm impressed! Happy Birthday Matt.