Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Day as a Soccer Mom

It has been a really long time since I updated the blog. I'm not sure exactly why that is. I guess I just ran out of steam. So, this is harking back quite a ways, and I might not remember all of the particulars, but here goes anyway. This took place the first week in December, 2013.

Scott's preschool has a little soccer team that participates in a tournament once a year. Scott was not technically on the team, but one kid couldn't make it, and since Scott had been pretending to be on the team during outdoor play time at school, they asked if he could join them. I found out the day before the game, so I went with Bobby to take pictures. I think I might have been the only parent there.

Scott in his uniform:
 Waiting for the game to start:
 Bobby balling when he realized he couldn't play with Scott...
And actually Scott started balling after he was done when he realized Bobby wasn't allowed to play.
 Our team in red and our opponents in blue. (Any guesses as to who will win...?)
The other kids clearly knew what was going on a lot better than our team. When Scott came off the field at half time, I asked him if he knew what he should do. He said no. I told him he was supposed to help get the ball in the other team's goal. Oh! he says. Oh well. He still had fun.

 Post game snack

 Team Photo

They didn't win, so we never went back to play a second game. So it was my first and possibly only day as a Soccer Mom, or FĂștbol Mum, I guess ;) But he sure was cute!

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