Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Night in Bangkok

To get to New Zealand, we flew from Vientiane to Bangkok, then to Kuala Lumpur, and then to Auckland. Matt scheduled the KL-Auckland flights before we booked the BKK-KL flights, and I opted for the flights that would give us some time in Bangkok since we've really never spent time there. So we stayed at a new hotel and then took our kids to an aquarium that's on the bottom floor of a very large mall--the Siam Paragon. (Also on the way back from NZ, we stayed in Bangkok again and got to go to church in English because they have an internation ward there. It was cool.)

The view of Bangkok from our hotel room.

 Scotty making Bobby smile...

There are a ton of pictures from an aquarium, but I feel like they're pretty generic and since taking pictures when everything is behind glass is pretty difficult, I decided not to bother. Sorry if that disappoints anyone.

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