Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Idaho: Let it Snow!

After AGM, we spent two nights at my brother's house in Florida. We spent time at the house, at the beach, at the park. A good time was had by all. Too short a visit, for sure! Matt did take a couple of shots at the beach with his phone:

Then we went to Idaho and stayed with Matt's grandpa and visited with a lot of Matt's family who came to town to see us. While we were all together, Matt's niece was blessed and we had a nice lunch together and celebrated his nephew's first birthday, too. Good times had by all.
Here's Bobby with the baby of the hour, Lily.

Then I took the boys on a road trip across the state to see my grandpa and then stayed with at my sister's house for the duration of our stay in the U.S. Matt's favorite part of the whole trip was the fact that it snowed while we were in Idaho, so that's what we have pictures of.

 Scott walking through the snow BEFORE church. I did not sanction this...

Making a snowman Monday morning. This is, I think, Scott's and Bobby's very first snowman. They loved it.

Scott's favorite part of the trip was probably playing with Legos...
I'm hoping that I'll get some photos from my family, and I'll update the post later if I do, but I wanted a placeholder for this post so I can continue and maybe someday get to our New Zealand trip... ;)

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