Friday, June 19, 2009

Flea Market

So, I got this magazine about Santa Fe at the library when we didn't have internet at home. I found lots of cool stuff to do. One was a Flea Market we passed on our way into town. Here's what I got:
A little bag that's hand-woven and just big enough for my cell phone, wallet and keys, which is exactly what I was looking for! Yesss!
And an authentic hand-embroidered dress. When I found out we were moving to Santa Fe, I told Matt I wanted to get a dress just like the one Salma Hayek wears when she's pregnant in Mexico in the movie Fools Rush In. And we found it! YESSS!

Also, Matt got a chance to practice his Spanish, which ultimately got us a discount on the dress. The guy totally was scolding Matt--telling him that he had to think in Spanish and speak it all the time and not translate when people were speaking Spanish. And I'll have you know that I actually understood much of what the guy was saying, so I felt pretty good. Matt got excited about speaking Spanish after that and he talked to another guy who said that his accent was really good, so he felt awesome--and so did I--after the flea market experience. Yay!


maurine said...

i LOVE the dress becky! you look so santa fe. :) i hope you're having fun setting up house. i love you. jealous of your third bedroom, but i love you anyway.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Look at you! Very Santa Fe-ish. Hope everything arrived well and that you are getting settled. We miss you around here!

Stephanie said...

Love the dress too! Way to go on Spanish and I love your new digs. Let me know what your address is.