Thursday, October 23, 2008

i love my husband

Matt was out of town from Thursday morning to Sunday morning last week. It was a hard time. I didn't sleep well and it was depressing to go home and know Matt wouldn't be there. I packed my nights up with activities with friends, but at the end of the day, they went home and I slept alone, and it was sad. Now he's home and it's really nice. Granted, he's in class and doing homework all day and all night, but at least he's in the house. Now, the reason I felt like I had to write this post is because I'm in the front room on the laptop, and he's in the back on the "real" computer working on his physics homework, and I have to kind of leave him alone so he can finish it and we can go to bed soon. Well... he was singing along to Jason Mraz and it was really cute!!! Anyway, for some reason I really wanted to take a picture of what I was hearing. It's a feeling that's hard to explain, but that was me trying. At least now, I can look back at this post and remember how I felt. I just love him. He's awesome.


Val said...

Aw Becky. Good post! That's all I have to say.

maurine said...

you're so cute becky. i have moments like that too, just being struck with that feeling of how lucky you are, and not knowing exactly how to capture it.
hooray for cute husbands!