Thursday, April 30, 2015

CHINA Day 7: Temple of Heaven and Drum Tower

It has now been several months since this happened, and memories are foggy, but here's what I remember...

By the time we got to our final day in China, we were losing steam and fast, but we persevered for one more day of touring.

First, we went to the Temple of Heaven.
 This is the Imperial Hall of Heaven

 Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

 The symbols represent yin and yang, I can't remember which is which, but I think they do every combination from yin-yin-yin, to yang-yang-yang and everything in between as you go around this incense burner.
 This is called the 9-dragon juniper because the trunk looks like 9 dragons. This is the boys making dragon faces.
 Imperial Vault of Heaven

 The Wall surrounding this is called the Echo Wall because you can yell at one wall and someone on the opposite side can hear what you say.

 This is the Circular Mound of Heaven, or the Worshipping Terrace. The boys are standing on the Heavenly Center Stone. There are nine rings of stones the first with 9, second with 18 and so on.
 Those are firewood stoves used to welcome the God of Heaven

 The Drum Tower
 The stairs up to the drum tower.
 Bobby with the drums
 The view from the tower
 Drum tower show
 Marie was sleeping, so I stood outside on the balcony while the boys watched the show.
 Waiting for our taxi. We were so tired!
 Modelling souvenirs

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