Monday, June 15, 2015

Bobby becomes a 4-year-old

Bobby's birthday this year was on a Saturday, so we had several celebrations leading up to it.

On Thursdays, we typically have playgroup with a bunch of kids around Bobby's age, so I offered to host, and unfortunately the only picture I took was of the chocolate cookies I made. (His favorite color is red...)
At school, they have a birthday celebration, but they didn't want us to bring cake because lots of parents felt like their kids were eating way too much sugar due to all the birthdays. So, I brought some fruit. Our maeban, Tik, actually chopped it all up for me. She's awesome.
Here's the birthday boy passing out fruit to his classmates.
Now to sing the Montessori birthday song, "The earth goes round the sun, the earth goes round the sun..."
Blowing out the candle...
Showing his classmates his life so far.
On Saturday, Bobby said he wanted to have lunch at Joma with his favorite babysitters, Pookee and Sone. This is a picture of the kids at the playground.
That night we had some cake... He was really into Batman because he starts with B, just like Bobby. He wanted a red cake, but since it's hard to make good-tasting red frosting, I surprised him with Batman and he loved it.

It was great fun celebrating Bobby. He is a very dynamic child, switching from crying to laughing very easily. He is a loving brother. He has a great imagination. His laugh is one of my favorite sounds and I feel so blessed to have him in our family. We love you, Bobby!

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