Sunday, November 24, 2013


I saw someone post a link to Star Wars snowflakes on Facebook and I was intrigued. Bobby was sleeping and Scott was doing his own little gluing project so I gave it a whirl. I did Darth Vader first, but cutting out the eyes (through twelve folds of paper) was way too hard without an xacto knife, so from then on I stuck to templates that didn't have any freestanding holes--just cuts from the edges.

This is a Scout Trooper
The eyes on this weren't bad because they were square. I LOVE the little ewoks. I had to double check the website, but this is an AT-ST Chicken Walker.
B-wing (edited after my sister's comment below...)
I realized as I was making the Star Wars snowflakes that it was pretty lost on my young sons, but they are pretty in to superheroes, so I made a Batman one. I printed off the circle template, but then drew my own design.
Iron man
Wolverine--this is probably my favorite.
Spider-Man--I think it's a little creepy for Christmas...
Captain America
I didn't love that one because there should be more circles on the shield and they looked a little egg-shaped. Then, I couldn't get away from the idea of how I could have the star cut out in the middle to make the shield, but the template was for a 12-sided shape and I needed 10. So, I printed off a protractor and marked every 36 degrees and voila! Cap's shield!
I asked Matt what else I could so and he said, the x-men logo is symmetrical. So I did that next. (Cake walk...)
Green Lantern
Hulk--this took a lot of thought because of the freestanding eye issue and no xacto knife. So, I figured a furrowed brow would do the trick.
Robin--it's just his chest. I could think of any other way to represent him.

I'm probably not done for this year but I'm not sure what else to do now. Any suggestions??

Here are the ones I did for the dining room with a friend. Most of them were templates because I feel lazy now, but there are a few originals, too.


Maurine Walker said...

Becky that's not a tie fighter--consensus here is that it's a b wing. But those are super awesome!

Becky said...

you are right! the website for the star wars snowflakes was way over my head. i don't pretend to me an uberfan like that guy. but it was still fun! the one with the ewoks is an AT-ST. i just looked it up.