Friday, November 8, 2013

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Our third day in Hong Kong, we took the hotel shuttle to Ocean Park. It is a large amusement part with an aquarium, a dolphin/seal show, a mini zoo, a kids area with little rides and playgrounds, carnival games, restaurants, and a few roller coasters. It's a little bit of everything.
 We went to the aquarium first.

 Then we went to see the pandas.

This was a room full of different kinds of goldfish. Matt took pictures because I said, someday when I'm rich and I have a massive library, I want to have goldfish built into the bookshelves like this. ;)
Then we went to the children's section. They had two playgrounds, a bouncy house, a carousel, and a couple of rides. One was the Frog Hopper. Scott LOVED it.

He loved it until it was over and he realized that Bobby wasn't allowed to go on the ride. Bobby was sad, but Scott was DEVASTATED that Bobby couldn't go on it.
This bouncy house is from Florida, so it's in English and Spanish. We were in Hong Kong... so we took a picture of it.
Then we went to see the cold weather animals.

And I helped a guy find his way home ;)
They were celebrating Halloween at Ocean Park. They had some cool decorations, but I think most people in Hong Kong don't really know about Halloween, so it was a little odd.

Bobby fell asleep before the dolphin show, so Matt stayed at the top of the amphitheater while Scott and I went down and sat closer.

We had grilled squid. It was actually a popular treat. It's like squid jerky. The first couple of bites were okay. Then we threw it away.
At the end of the day we took the gondola ride back to the front of the park.

The park was on both sides of this mountain we went over. It was a big park.

They had an "Old Hong Kong" city street with a trolley car.

The aquarium at night...
And a real show (not like that harbour tour nonsense).
with FIRE! It was so hot, and the kids freaked out.

It was such a fun day. A little too much walking for me, especially after the two days before, but we rented strollers for the kids. We came home with tons of souvenirs. We won 3 stuffed pumpkins, 2 stuffed tigers, and 2 stuffed police cars in the carnival games and we brought them all home in our suitcases. Yes, we're crazy. We got our pictures taken and Scott wanted a shark watch and Bobby wanted a panda fan. We were such pushovers.


Nancy said...

Well, I love the panda pictures, and Matt on the Frog Hopper was wonderful! The boys looked so happy. And I'm glad you got to see a proper laser show!

Jessica May Lords said...

That looks so fun! How sweet (and sad) that Scotty was so bummed Bobby couldn't go on the frog ride.