Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scott's Schooldays Commence

Scott started preschool on Wednesday, August 21. He looked so cute in his little uniform, white shirt with the school logo, and plaid shorts. And he was so independent the first few days. When Matt and I went to drop him off for his first day, he was very disappointed to find out that we were not just going to "drop him off," but we were coming in with him just for the first day. After all, it's a big step for us as parents, too, not just for him. So, the second day, I just reclined my seat, unbuckled his carseat and let him open the door himself and climb out. I rolled down the window to say goodbye and as he waved to me, he said, "Don't forget to eat lunch, Mom!" Then Friday, he did well, also, but Bobby cried for a good 15 minutes after we drove away.

Monday rolled around, Scott went crazy and decided school was not for him. Matt came with us and walked in with Scott and when he came back out to the car, he told me that Scott was having a conniption inside, but the teachers told him to go home, everything would be fine. For the next 9 consecutive days of school, I left the school with Scott screaming and yelling and flailing about. It was horrible.

Then the fourth week of school began and we had an idea: bribery. "If you go to school without crying, we can go to the carnival tonight." He performed beautifully. Then Tuesday, with no bribe, we were back to crying. I left him, then went outside and realized I forgot my keys in the school. By the time I went back in, he was not crying anymore! Ooh, that little... So Wednesday morning, I just lost my temper with Scott when he started griping about school on the morning commute. "I've had enough, Scott! Clearly, you like school. You didn't even cry for a full minute yesterday. Let's just stop crying! I can't handle it anymore! It's not fair to let me have a horrible day and for you to have the time of your life at school!" His response, which I expected to be more crying, was quite a surprise. He started giving himself a little pep talk: "I know I can! I can go to school happy! I like school! I'm a big boy!" It was very cute. And we haven't had much of any issue since then.

Who knew losing my temper would fix everything? It's never worked before and it probably never will again. But I'll take it!


Hannah Neville McMillan said...

haha I love it!!! Gideon, for a time, would start crying the second Sacrament meeting was over because he didn't want to go to nursery. We would have to carry him there, and he would be crying the entire way. I was stressed out about it until I found out from the leaders that he literally stopped crying the second we dropped him off. Kids are such haters!!!

Kristi said...

:-) oh th joys of parenthood