Monday, September 23, 2013

Lao Zoo

On Saturday, September 7, we decided to go to the Lao Zoo. It is about an hour north of where we live, so we settled in and brought the iPad for the kids. About 40 minutes in to our drive Scott said, "Where are Bobby's shoes?" Uh oh. Bobby was, indeed, shoeless. I had sent him outside to get in the car and had neglected to check for shoes. He's usually quite fastidious about putting his shoes on before he goes outside. We had brought the double stroller with us, so I thought we'd be fine. When we got to the dirt parking lot, though, my confidence waned. We walked in, sans stroller, with Matt carrying Bobby on his shoulders. The terrain was quite varied and not very conducive to pushing a stroller, so I went across the street to see if I could find kids shoes at one of many markets near the zoo. I found some small slip-on sandals, but they were too slippery for either of the boys to wear, so it was a complete bust. The boys took turns wearing the one pair of kids' shoes we had and Matt carried the shoeless child for the whole time we were at the zoo. And it was really hot. And Scott got some ant bites. Other than that, we had a great trip...
Sabaidee means hello, or literally, "Good comfort."
They had a raised walkway for some of it so we could get pretty close to some of the animals.
The turning radius on that head...
German geese

Can you see the crocodile in the goo? Serious algal bloom going on in that lake...
More crocodiles--there were 4 crocodile habitats. They have a lot of those here, I guess. They also had crocodile babies, but my pictures weren't very good.

Don't tell Matt how many pictures of him are in this post... They were so good, though!
Awesome tree and the boys trudging to see the elephant.
No trip in Laos would be complete without a photo opp with locals. She was smart to bribe Bobby with a Japanese Seaweed flavored potato chip...

The sign said, "binthurong."
The elephant was just chained up by one leg...

This spider was not in a cage, but I thought it was cool.
Some kind of hog...
And that was our trip to the Zoo. I don't really feel like I have to go back...

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