Tuesday, August 4, 2009

32 weeks

Here I am at 32 weeks and 2 days--taken August 1. Only 7 weeks and change to go, if all goes well. I'm feeling pretty big, and my lower back really hurts a lot of the time, but I'm surviving. Some days are better than others, of course.
We have nicknamed the baby Pancho, so I can refer to him and talk to him, without actually naming him yet (so Matt doesn't think I'm talking to him when I say, "Whoa, Hello!" when he's moving around). I didn't want to use a name I was considering and then change my mind when he was born, so for now, he's Pancho. He is very active for about 30 minutes at a time during various parts of the day, usually right after I eat, or when I'm trying to sleep. I'm excited to see what he looks like soon.


Hannah Neville McMillan said...

you look great! ;)

Val said...

haha we nicknamed my little sister Pancho too!

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

I love how long your hair has gotten! We're almost there!! :)