Sunday, October 11, 2015

Somes Island

From our breakfast room window, you can see Somes Island in the middle of the harbor. Ever since we moved in, we'd been thinking about going. Scott found out that tuatara (lizards that have been around since the dinosaurs) live on Somes Island and he really wanted to go for his birthday, but I think we had bad weather the Saturday before, and the Saturday after that, he had a birthday party for a friend. So, on the 10th of October, we took the ferry from Queen's Wharf to Somes Island and spent a lot of the day there.

The view of Somes Island from our breakfast room.
At Queen's Wharf, waiting for Dad to buy the tickets for the ferry.
 Bobby on the ferry.
 Marie and Matt on the ferry.
 Becky and Marie on the ferry. She loved the wind!
Scott on the ferry.

 We hiked to the top of the island, where they have sheep to graze and keep the grass short. We had a nice lunch up there before hiking some more.

 The paths around the island were pretty stroller-friendly, so Marie rode in style almost the whole day.
We hiked around pretty much the whole island and took in some fabulous views.

 It was a very pleasant day with the family. We weren't in a big rush, so we didn't have to hurry the boys along too much. They did complain a lot that they were tired while we were walking around, but on the way home, Scott said it was the best day ever, so I'm glad we took the time to make the memory.

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