Thursday, December 10, 2015

In Which Becky Enters Her Third Decade

(written in January 2017)

As my thirtieth birthday approached, I realized that I wouldn't have much time to do anything I particularly wanted to do. Bobby had gymnastics class, Marie would take a nap, I would pick up Scott from school and that night, he had his Christmas concert. So, I decided that right after we dropped off Scott at school, we would drive to Petone and look at the ocean for 30 minutes before gymnastics and that would be my birthday half-hour. And I loved it.

 Bobby started picking up shells and sticks, so I asked him to pick up 30 shells so we could take a picture.

 He wanted to take this pile of sticks home, but I told him I'd take a picture and that would have to be sufficient.
 I didn't have a good gluten-free chocolate cake mix, so I made a double layer brownie cake with peanut butter chocolate pieces mixed in.
 Since I did a Batman cake for Bobby and a Superman cake for Scott this year, the kids said I should do a Wonder Woman cake for me, so I went with it.

 Matt got me a huge set of colored pencils and two of Johanna Basford's coloring books, Lost Ocean and Enchanted Forest. And... one of my friends got me her other book, Secret Garden! So I have enough coloring to do for the next three decades of my life! I found a page with turtles and started coloring. I also got an Apple Watch. Matt had one and I was jealous of the "find my phone" feature, so that was also a wonderful surprise!
Any day that begins with the beach and ends with coloring, and has cake decorating and cake eating in between, is a good day. Happy birthday to me!

I finished the post and then realized there wasn't a picture of me. This was taken a few days after my birthday, but here's what I looked like when I was 30, with my three extra appendages ;)

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