Friday, March 27, 2015

Laos Organic Market

About a year ago, a friend of mine asked for pictures of our "Farmer's Market." This is the closest thing I know of in Vientiane. Another friend of mine here goes to the organic market every Wednesday, so I tagged along to take some pictures.

Dried frogs

Your basic machete stand...
Some beautiful woodwork

I'm guess she had an early morning...

I don't know what all of these plants are, but the ones in the back right are papaya trees.
This is eggplant. We eat them a lot in green curry.
And no Laos market would be complete without woven bamboo.
Some dried fish. And I bought some of that dried mango. It was really yummy. Like a natural fruit roll-up.

This is NOT what regular markets look like here. Perhaps I'll take my camera to the local market some day and take pictures so we can compare.

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Gisela-David said...

Hmm....dried frogs. Interesting ;-) I just realized we'll be so much closer to you guys in July.