Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Valentine's Letter to My Children

Dear Children,

I spent a lot of years disliking Valentine's Day. My rationale was this: If you're not Jewish, you don't celebrate Passover or Hanukkah, therefore if you are not or have not a valentine, you don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I have finally decided, after being married for 8 years that it is flawed logic to think that way. My only hope for you is that you will never become jaded about a holiday that there is nothing to be upset about. You may not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a husband or a wife, but you definitely have people in your life who love you, myself included, and I'm sure there are people in your life for whom you have great love. Why not take a day out of 365 (or 366 depending on the year) and celebrate that? Love is something worth celebrating. Don't make my mistake and miss out.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love you!

And thanks for making me feel loved each and every day. Love to see your smiles!

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