Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Reunion in Seattle

Our last stop before leaving the United States was a family reunion at Fort Worden near Seattle, Washington. I got to see all of my siblings and almost all of my in-laws and nieces and nephews. It was a great trip.  Here are the pictures taken by my father and siblings. They're not in a good order because they came from so many people. (I only used my camera for a girls trip to Forks, and they were in .raw because that's what everyone wanted.  But I can't open them because I don't have any photo software with me... Oh well!)

Hayley took care of Bobby almost the entire visit. I hope they'll be good friends forever. I need to get this picture printed for Bobby, so he'll always remember his favorite cousin!
Baby seagulls we saw from the ferry.  I had never seen baby seagulls before. Aren't they cute?
 I think taking the ferry was my favorite part of the trip.  There is just something I love about being on a boat.
 Sisters :)
Kaylene, one of my best childhood friends, drove from Bellevue to see us and took the ferry ride with us.  It was so great to see her and her kids.
This was actually a sculpture of a house at a park in Seattle whose name escapes me...
 Swinging Scotty...

Bobby in the mess hall of the converted army barracks where we stayed.
 Scotty and I on a tree on our nature hike out to the Dungeness Spit.

 All the siblings and Mom on the ferry.  Maurine posing as a Clairol model :)

All the siblings on the last day (with clingy babies). As you can tell, some were more ready for departure than others...
 All the girls went to Forks except Emily, so we got her a keychain and the cashier put it in a velvet bag with Forks printed on it. If you look close, you'll notice my shirt says Yellowstone on it, not Forks Spartans. I got the shirt days earlier at Yellowstone, so when Tessa picked out that shirt, I said she should get it so we could match and then Hailey and Maurine did, too! So we had our own little baseball team going on the next day.
So glad to have Daddy back to throw Scott up in the air again!
And give horseback rides.

The tiny green rock I found at Dungeness. I had to leave it behind because you're not allowed to take things from the park.  It looked greener in real life...

Apparently while I was in Forks, Bobby took a dive into the ocean and had to be disrobed so he didn't freeze. He was given a much-too-big sweatshirt to wear moments after the picture was taken. When Bobby saw this picture, he said, "Pa!" So he remembers, you, Dad!

What a fantastic trip we had. There is something so fun and easy about being with one's family. It was a great boon to me before leaving the country. Love you guys!!

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Joyce Teed said...

Seattle is a good location for just about anything. Loved seeing you all. Be well. Teed