Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Stay in Kansas

We had a grand time in Kansas visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  The following are photos my dad took (1) at Union Station, where they just so happened to have a model train exhibit, (2) of Bobby's last morning in his cast, and (3) of our last evening in Kansas including pizza, frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf, and playing with the neighbors.




I was also able to visit with my brother Glenn and his wife, Tessa.  I got to make lollipops and to go to the temple with my mom.  I got to go to a talk my dad gave to the single sisters in the stake with the topic, Bloom Where You are Planted, which was a propos.  It was a great visit, and really helped me prepare for a growing experience in Laos.

Matt is now residing in Laos, so we try to talk or video chat twice a day. When he's getting ready for work, the kids are getting ready for bed. When we wake up, he's usually either still working, or having dinner. It's pretty weird. He likes the work and the house we will be living in. And of course we all miss him!

The flight to Salt Lake was much less harrowing than our last one, but not without its hiccups. There was a bad thunderstorm on our way to the airport and when I checked the flight status online, it said our flight was cancelled. Luckily, we were rebooked on a flight leaving 5 minutes later and arriving only 5 minutes later, even with different connecting cities. Pretty great. And the only drama that ensued after that was just embarrassing. Scott announced he had to go potty just after the pilot announced our final descent to LA, our connecting city. I rang my button to let the flight attendant know, and of course they said he couldn't go.  We landed and parked on the Tarmac and they announced we didn't have a gate yet. I rang my button and asked again if he could go to the bathroom while we were parked. I warned the attendant that there was a chance he could pee on the seat. He reluctantly said okay. Seconds later, they announced we had a gate. When we were getting back to our seats, a different flight attendant said, "The good news is we have a gate. The bad news is, someone got out of their seat so we have to wait." After only 4 hours of sleep and a stressful flight with two kids I lost it and yelled, "Did you want urine on your leather? Sometimes a 3-year-old has to pee!" Not my finest moment. I'm sure both my father and my husband are glad they weren't with me.

Now we are safe and sound in Pocatello visiting Nana and Papa and getting ready for Bobby's 2nd birthday tomorrow!

Sorry about the weird formatting, I'm doing this on an iPad, and there are some things that I just can't figure out how to fix.

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Becky Bean said...

I love this. I can't WAIT to hear all your adventures. And that Orange Leaf picture could be an ad!