Friday, February 11, 2011

Trip to Los Angeles

Matt was asked to help out with some training in California for three weeks. He knew I would go crazy in Atlanta by myself, so he said that if he was close to LA, where my sister lives, I could go, too. If not, I could go visit someone else for a couple of weeks. Well, he was staying in a hotel in Sherman Oaks, about 10 miles from my sister, so Scotty and I flew out to meet him about a week after he got there. I didn't take pictures of everything, but here are some I did get.

My sister and her kids and Scott and I met up with our first cousin (once-removed) and her daughter at the LA zoo. First stop: Elephants.
Gianna is Scott's first-cousin once-removed (he's supposed to be one generation older) and she is 2 weeks older.
Silverback gorilla
Max climbed up on the fence by the picnic area, but continued to eat around the fence... I couldn't help but catch a picture. I think he was looking at giraffes.
Meerkats. Timon was cuter than this...
Jen and Gianna :) It was fun for Jen and I to be pregnant at the same time. And this was the first time our kids had met, over a year after they were born!
All tuckered out.

One day we went to a park by the Santa Monica Airport. I'm not sure that Scott could handle living in LA. He was NOT a fan of the sand at the park. He sat on the pavement the whole time.
Ate some cheese while playing. I had to carry him out there, though. He would not walk on the sand.

We had one Saturday when Matt could hang out with us, and we went with my sister and family to the Griffith Observatory. We got a good shot of the Hollywood sign.
And Scott loved Einstein...
We had a good time in LA. We also got to see my mom's sister and my dad sister on different days, and we went to Disneyland for a day. And then we got sick, and the low point was me throwing up 5 times in my sister's van. :( Still not sure what that was all about.

Anyway--these were also on my camera, and I know my mom will appreciate this. This is Scott eating one of my mom's lollipops.
When he starts to lose focus, and flips the pop around, I know he's done for now...


Austin and Jennifer said...

Love the post, so glad we got to see you while we were here! Maybe you could send me the couple pictures of Gianna to my email :)

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

He's a little boy now! And still just as cute in pictures. :)