Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1 year stats

height: 27 inches -- less than 5th percentile
weight: 18 lbs -- less than 5th percentile
head circumference: 49cm -- 98th percentile

I waited to post these because Scott's new doctor wanted us to go see a neurologist to make sure Scott was okay even though his head is massive and his body is not so much. I went to the neurologist today and they said that Scott is great. They watched him toddle around and checked his eyes and did a basic exam and said they didn't even want to do a scan or anything, but they want to see him again in 6 months just to make sure. They asked if there were any big heads in the family and I said that my brother had a big head and at least one nephew had a big head on my side. They measured my head and said it was normal--53cm. They sent me home with a tape measure to get Matt's head circumference--60cm. I called to report my findings on an answering machine, and that is that. So, there you go. All is well in Zion, Scott just has what the nurse practitioner calls, "Familial Big Head Syndrome," you know, FBHS. Awesome :)


Kara Lynn Kai Sanders said...

WOW! that's pretty interesting i have to admit. i have never heard of that before. all these years of telling my brother he has a big head and it's not just my perception, it could be true.

Cami said...

This cracks me up! FBHS! I'm glad the pediatrician was willing to look into it even though there's nothing wrong. Big heads are in these days.