Thursday, July 1, 2010

Does anyone else...

make sure the volume on the TV is an even number?

look in their closet and sees nothing they like and then realize most of their clothes are in a laundry basket?

try on something that fits and then buy the next size up so it will still look good after it's washed?

decide what they're going to wear while they're in the shower?

eat dessert before 8:30am?

wish they had a shower that would remember their preferred temperature and pressure?

just wondering :)


Keri-Anne said...

um yes to the clothes on the laundry basket, and the shower with a memory ..but otherwise noooo!!!! (unless donuts are counted as dessert)

Cami said...

No, yes, no, no, yes, yes in that order.

I think Kohler makes such a shower, by the way.

Gisela-David said...

I would have to say yes to most of these. I guess pizza wouldn't count.