Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Older?

Here's Scotty on the stairs telling me it's time for bed. The grow up so fast ;)

But seriously, a bunch of people at church today said that Scotty looked older, just since last week, so we took some pictures tonight, and I wondered if any of you guys agreed. Please, opine.
Scott sticks his tongue out all the time now because he's feeling his two new bottom teeth.
Lest I have misled you in thinking that Scott is always smiling, here's a gem:
He's actually just really tired and zoning out, but he does cry, too... we just don't capture that on "film" very often.


Austin and Jennifer said...

That has got to be the cutest picture ever of him on the stairs! I love it! It is soooo believable to ;)

Amanda said...

What a cute little boy. He is getting bigger. So handsome!

Nora said...

He totally looks like the perfect little Gerber baby. He does look like he's getting older. Especially with that stair shot. They get so big so fast!

Margot said...

I think he does look a little older. And I love the straight face in that last picture.