Friday, January 8, 2010

Ah Sleep

This post is in honor of a good night's sleep. I went to bed at 11:45pm and did not awake until 7:29am. Scott has been sleeping well for a few weeks, but almost 8 hours is his record. YESSS!
And here are some pictures:
Scott, lounging in front of the TV. I know, I'm a horrible parent.

And I finished the sweater! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I MADE THAT! The sleeves are a little long right now, but I think it will fit him through the winter. YAY!


Amanda said...

Congratulations on a good night sleep. I remember that change. It was such a beautiful thing. I felt like a human again.
Great job on the sweater. I have yet to make anything for Nathan. I need to get a quilt started, especially now that he's too big for any of his baby blankets.

C Tam said...

bah! His facial expressions crack me up! And that sweater is so precious--way to go making it. I cannot even imagine being that dedicated and talented to make baby clothes.

Sara Lee said...

I remember the first time Benny slept through the night. I woke in a panic, cause I thought something was wrong. It was a great feeling when I realized it was a regular thing. he looks just like you.

amy said...

hooray for sleep! lucas has never been a great sleeper but we make do. it's getting better as he gets older. that sweater is amazing! where did you get the pattern? i'd love to try and make one.

Becca and Jon said...

Congrats on the sleeping! I loove the sweater; it's super cuute!

Jason and Jami Thomson said...

Wow..I'm so jealous of the sleep...I got a 6 hour stretch once..and that was a few months ago...Addi's doing better though!! p.s. your sweater looks amazing!