Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pictures from Maurine's Visit (cont'd)

Okay, I spent all day yesterday quilting with my mom, but I felt like I had to finish these pictures. Maybe it's the task I have to finish before my baby makes his appearance... Probably not, but I wanted to finish anyway.

Here's one of each kid on the train to Albuquerque. We only made in on the train with seconds, literally, to spare, but we made it and had a good time on the train for about an hour.

Our first stop was the Zoo... Here are some of the many pictures we took. It's hard to get good shots of animals when there's a fence between you, but Matt did his best.

Next we took a little train from the Zoo to the Aquarium. Max and Reed both slept through the trip, and Dean was pretty spacey. Maybe it was too much for one day...

And our last stop was a walk through the Botanical Gardens. We definitely didn't see everything. We chose to walk to the Japanese Garden and then head back to the train station and go home.

(And please, take the time to go to click on the slideshows because I put a little caption with each picture.)